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Code Poet is an IDE primarily for the D programming language, but it can support multiple compiled languages with different compilers per language.

The IDE is written in C++ using wxWidgets for the GUI and makes extensive use of the STL and boost.

Update 12/10/2009

It's been almost a month since the last update and Code Poet is finally beginning to look like a real IDE! The styles of wxAUI's panes, toolbars and notebooks are mostly complete as shows the screenshot below. The frame manager has also been extended to support tabbed docks implemented from the excellent patch at I've made quite a few modifications of my own to the patched frame manager to make the dock notebooks feel more IDE-like, which will all be committed to SVN with the repository creation: most likely when the IDE gets close to an usable state.

I am still working on a plugin API and I am thinking about using boost::python to enable scripting within the IDE. The threading code is almost complete with a thread pool implementation that supports Future, AsyncMethod and Task runnables. The only generic part that's left to do before moving on to the IDE components is the I/O layer, and that isn't a hard one to do!

The next update will therefore focus a lot on the project management, the editor control and the build process. This should be enough to produce an basic but usable IDE!

Code Poet Preview

New Project Dialog Find/Replace Dialog

Initial Update

The project is currently in its very early stages, the following screenshot shows the program after a week of work or so.

Code Poet Preview

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